Hair Illusion Trademark Successfully Opposed & The Mark Now Stands Terminated


KAnalysis Consultant (P) Ltd., an Intellectual Property Boutique assists its Hair Illusion LLC to successfully oppose the wrongful application by Bradley Hunter to secure a Trademark for Hair Illusion in US in Class 03. Our client is the rightful owner of the mark and KAnalysis successfully opposed and denied the latter from registering a deceptively similar mark.  

The applicant Bradley Hunter knowingly applied for a Trademark for Hair Illusion (US Serial Number 87167802), under Current Basis 1B (intent to use) which was being used by my client in commerce since as early as 2006.

Our client “Hair Illusion LLC” approached us after knowing this blatant attempt of hijacking his reputed brand. We advised our client to first file an application for Hair Illusion (US Serial Number 87291166), under Current Basis 1A (already is use). After filing this application, we prepared a notice of opposition and filed it on behalf of our client in the USPTO.

Upon examination of opposition, a notice was served to the opponent, which understandably realizing their weak point decided not to respond to the notice. After this the USPTO has issued a NOTICE OF DEFAULT, and the fraudulent trademark is terminated.

The details of the opposition can be found here:

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