Invalidation Searches are different from any other Prior Art Search

… and so is our approach.

Invalidation searches should be focused against Claim Elements, and we understand:

  • That the aim of such studies is to find prior art that maps onto individual claim elements
  • The Jurisdictional differences in Law regarding, what constitutes a prior art
  • The importance of using Multi-Pronged lateral search strategies for Comprehensiveness
  • That analyzing more patents is not exhaustive searching, but exploring multiple directions in an iterative manner yields important results
  • That invalidation with respect to U.S.C 102 is not the only way a patent could be invalidated and keep an eye on possibilities with respect to U.S.C 101, 35 USC § §1 et seq., U.S.C 103
  • The importance of comprehensive coverage of Non-Patent literature and Unconventional sources
  • That our job is to provide as many facts as possible that can help a client in court; apart from Novelty destroying references
  • The kind of decision to be taken using our reports, therefore we present:

a clear illustrative textual mapping and

analyst comments on similarities and dissimilarities to each identified prior art.


The Process… Invalidation - Process

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