Patent Mining – Case Study

It is indeed beneficial to take a bird’s eye view and identify valuable patents from a portfolio.

Patent brokerage firms / Venture Capital firms are always in need of exploring very early stage technologies/companies. They have limited time and resources to screen through a portfolio so that they could either reject the idea, or invest in its further licensing programs.

Our comprehensive mining approach helps to prioritize the portfolio, arranging patents according to potential value, categorizing the patents according to their technology, and listing potentially infringing products to help you choose patents that show most promise without wasting time and money on those that do not.

In this particular case: An IP Company was looking for a cost effective framework of research for identification of potential acquisition targets as well as potential infringements

KAnalysis proposed a patent mining template which has been successfully incorporated into client processes. Some key highlights of the process are:


This framework has helped in reducing ~60% of research cost while optimizing internal resource usage and doubling overall productivity

We have been ly evolving the processes since 2008-09 and have the experience of screening more then 25,000 patents for both buyer/seller sides.

For any additional details or to review our patent mining template please feel free to contact us.

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